How to view replenishment data

The Products & Tracking page is populated with all of your products within your Seller Central catalog, and is updated daily. In this page you can also view useful metrics on your Amazon sales and FBA data, and have a basic replenishment snapshot. The sales data metrics are the quantity that were sold and settled within the past 7, 14, and 30 days - this data is updated once a day for the last 30 days of data in at that moment in time, and older data is deleted. Similarly, the FBA data is updated once a day as the real time FBA snapshot as of that moment in time, and older data is deleted.

You can see your replenishment metric in the FBA Inventory column. This metric is fairly straightforward - the quantity sold in the last 30 days, minus FBA fulfillable, and minus FBA inbound. If that equation is a positive number then you will see a number in the Replenishment field, otherwise it will be blank. 

You can export these numbers and analyze them in one Excel sheet, to do so you need click in Actions and then the Export button.

You can also view these numbers during researching your own items in Bulk Scout or the Wishlist page in the Your Data column, if those are not your own items, then the numbers will show as 0.

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