How to add items to a supplier or group

The Suppliers page is meant for the next stage of a purchasing decision, in that an item is first researched and evaluated, and afterwards added to a supplier. You can add the desired items to a supplier in the two methods below.

  1. In the Products & Tracking page you can select the desired items and then click on Edit Items in the dropdown above the data table, click continue, and then select the desired Supplier (or click Add New if that supplier does not yet exist), and then click Save.
  2. In the Bulk Scout and Wishlist pages, a user can add an item to an order which will add the item to both a supplier's item list as well as to a specific purchase order.

Note: An item can be attributed to multiple suppliers, as technically the same item can be purchased from multiple sources (or belong to multiple groups), and each one can have their own supplier SKU, supplier, and cost.

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