How Does AsinScout Benefit Me?

AsinScout saves you hours of work that involves product research or reordering. Whether you get lists from your suppliers for products that you can purchase, or if you need to reorder items already listed and selling on Amazon, then AsinScout is for you, as it will save you much time and effort each time you use the software.

Another way this can benefit you is to quickly see the sales rank, buy box, number of sellers, FBA fees, estimated monthly storage fee, etc. on your own listed items.

Additionally, AsinScout determines the quantity shipped in both FBA and FBM in the past 7, 14, and 30 days, as well as displaying your FBA fulfillable and inbound quantities. Even if you do not need to currently research or reorder, it is a great tool to instantly see how your items are performing.

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