How do I find my MWS Merchant ID?

You have two options, the quick way and the slower way.

Option 1 – The quick method is to simply click here, and this will open up your seller central account and automatically add the necessary integration information, and then you would simply need to copy and paste the Seller ID and MWS Token into AsinScout.

And that’s it, you’re done.

Option 2 – The more involved method is below:

If you don’t already have a MWS account, you can sign up for free by clicking here or by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:

For American Amazon Marketplaces:

For European Amazon Marketplaces:

1) Click on the “Sign up for MWS” button, as seen in the screenshot below:

2) >Enter your Seller Central Login information:

3) Select “I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS” (last option as seen in the screenshot below)

The Developer’s Name is AsinScout

For American Amazon Marketplaces (.com, .ca, .mx) the Developer Account Number is 3194-8665-3667

For European Amazon Marketplaces (, .de, .es, .fr, .it) the Developer Account Number is 2221-1136-7883

4) Click Next.
Accept the MWS License Agreement.
Click Submit.

5) Make note of your Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token

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