Filtering and sorting researched results

On the Bulk Scout page, a user can upload a list of items, or even research their own Amazon items in a few clicks. The default sort is by lowest sales rank. However, once the data is returned, the user will often want to sort or filter the list based on their desired criteria. Here's how to do that.

  1. Click on the Actions dropdown tab near the top left part of your screen
  2. Click on the Filter / Sort option
  3. Select which criteria you would like to filter and/or sort (there can be multiple fields filled to get a specific data set)
  4. Click Apply Filter on the bottom right corner of the popup screen

Once your data is sorted, and you would like to clear the filter / sort criteria, you can do so by clicking on the above mentioned Actions dropdown tab, and then click on the Clear Filter button.

You can also save a default sort in your Settings page, in the Default Research Sort field.

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